It's a whole new look, probably more Urban OUtfitters-like than candied has ever been before. Actually, ironically, this is rather reminescent of the first layout: same colours, same focus on flowers and, of course- DIV's. But things do change, and I've less time to update, less interest in pixels. I still love sanrio, san-x, and the cute- but I'm accepting I lack the aptitude in portraying them correctly. So rather than do the classic focus on nothing at all by means of bright colours, textures, and so forth, I'd rather do something simple.

And thus, here is candied, ready for summer, and simplified. There'll be more- I just have yet to figure out what that will be. Stay tuned!

 Bonjour, et bienvenue! Welcome, stranger, to a happy land of confectionaries and simplistic naivite. has gone through many a mood, from BBS home to hostee haven, adoptions and brushes to i-frame glory, major content, to, now, minimal. And so, without further ado, consider yourself welcomed to the 17th edition of, "tell me". Lyrics from Drops of Jupiter by Train are dispersed throughout, and the theme is questions. After all, I'm at a question at the moment- what is candied, and where is it going? And as I listen to this song, and realize it's gorgeous, I snapped a picture of the flowers on the backyard porch, and out came a layout. Thank goodness for's been a few decades.

My skills are rusty at best. I have to manually think about bringing the opacity and hardness to 100% for pixeling; remember the difference between a vector and raster; and wrestle with those cascading style sheets. But I AM back, and slowly, perhaps, I'll regain what candied once had.

BBS? Most likely not. That age, unfortunately, is over, those golden times of super activity in a clean board with kind people, the emphasis being life, yes, but mostly webdesign and the accompanying community. I've been through so many- Orange Slice, 1/4 Fruit, Cinna-Nilla... and any time I think of making a new one, I remember the 18 times OSBBS was hacked; Lemon Slice; the hackings and battles and thieves...and it's difficult. There are new, successful ones now. The one I think most resembles the "good ol' days" is Harmonyland, as most of the "old crowd" is there, it's incredibly active, and has that certain vibe that inspires posting, so if you've a yen for xmb/bb/vb: go there. :)

 Odile...what an odd name. And, naturally, personality matches name, as the Sugababes preach in 'Ugly'. I've no need to say much, but I will do so with the following: I'm French, and quite proudly so; I attend the University of Texas at Austin in the U.S., and am majoring in Business Honors and Advertising, and either Marketing or Management Information Systems for my third (I've yet to decide). I love to sew, read, write, design, scrapbook, sing, dance, bake/cook. I'm slightly lemonade, ice cream, strawberry, and chocolate obsessed. This does not do wonders for me, but such obsessions must be courted with care. I've too many shoes; I abhor pants. Overly-sensitive and introspective, I will have studied you in-depth within minutes. I judge intellect by eyes- and yes, all are judgemental, it is an impossibility to erradicate that completely. Human nature is inevitable. I loathe poetry and finding deep meaning out of things which are obviously without it. I am lucky to have some of the most amazing friends at university. We call ourselves Club O- named after my room, which is a dance club on weekend nights- and are a tightknit, dramatic, oddly happy family.

My goal, of the moment, is to open a stationery company, Fruits Chew Inc. But in reality, there's so much I would like to do: open a bakery (but a character, line-based one...and no chains, just one); sing and act, preferably in a musical, and preferably on the disney channel, at that; write a book (or two. or three.); write, produce, and direct a movie; reopen a bbs; be a successful advertiser; become a fashion designer; sew a dress (it'll happen soon enough!); learn Italian.

Darn, I'm fickle. I'll just take things as they come. With some luck, I'll have the opportunity to do a bit of everything.

 CandiedNET is (was?) my first domain. I bought it in early may of 2002; it was a birthday gift that I had been waiting for. I had already been on angelfire, geocities, and I then thought I was ready (hopefully) for the world of domains. I scouted in advance for hostees (being the nerdly prepared girl I am) and opened perhaps 2 weeks after buying. It was a green layout (nostalgic) and brushy/ digital. Candied has sported a wide variety of layouts, most "cutesy" though I adore "cutesy", brushy, digital, 3D and character designs; virtually, anything and everything. It's so far been a somewhat/rather selective domain hostee-wise, and should continue to be. It's rather quaint, and has finally, I would like to think, found its niche in the internet. Though perhaps not to best of sites, it amuses me, and for what better purpose could a site serve? ;D

 Harry Potter aficionados worldwide agree: there is no better past-time than fanfiction. Be it avid reading or keen writing, the words cease to be words and become worlds all of their own. With the wide array displayed on the web, one must choose distinct types to read. I myself preffer "MWPP" stories, and Lily/James stories, but am not against "Harry generation" writing if it is of excellent quality (elitist? yes, indeed.) To make a long story short, here is some of my fanfiction. Short, succinct, mildly amusing- read it if you so desire. I apologize for the length- I have started writing several longer stories, but none were ever finished. I've accepted that I will most likely never be able to. If you are seeking long, wondrous writing, I highly suggest Cassie Clare or The Shoebox Project.


Hostees. It seems like a thing of the past to mention them, as for me, my hostees have not been active in over a year. And who can blame them, honestly, for I've been even less active. Some have been deleted and some have moved; again, there's no blame, what's done is done. Here are the few left. And no, apologies, I will no longer be accepting hostees for the forseeable future. This is it.

Mish, Dani, Dea, Emily, Kel, Kelly, Shell, and Tiffany- if any of you need your FTP information again, do let me know, loves. You're all fabulous.

I've run many sites in the past, but there's only one I currently feel should continue to exist. And yet, it hasn't been updated in a year and a half...I truly feel terrible about this, but, regardless: Fruits Chew Inc., a free printable stationery website. Sanrio-worthy (right? I hope) sheets at a mere fraction of the cost. Choose, print, cut- one sheet or one hundred, it's up to you. Expect changes and updates within the next few months.

 Candied's past layouts: Green Spectacle, Star Wars 2- AoTC, Hamtaro in Canada, Beige Twist, Side-Scroling Rainbow, Moondancer Pink, Pink and Green Swirls, Rainbow Lani Peaches, Fun in the Sun, Warm Beige & Pink, Confecionary Milkshake, Purple Explosion, MIXit Green/Pink, DOTsummer, number46, incomplete, tell me (drops of jupiter).

All items seen on this site were made by Odile unless otherwise noted. No theivery or copying is permitted under any circumstances. Thievery or anything of the sort that is detected will not go unwarranted; be warned. All content Lissy/Odile 2000-6.

Questions? Comments? Excitement? Scandal?

 Link-in buttons used to be more plentiful here than my skirt collection. Alas, I've found they crowd the page, and so I've kept just one, for the moment. Many thanks to Char for this beauty: