What is it? Essentially, just a photography project and the study of humanity through the medium of film.

Ok, I still don't get it? You send in a photograph that must be at least 1600x1200 (the bigger the better). The only other stipulation I require is that you MUST be holding an 8.5x11 piece of white paper with something written on it in black ink and your face must be visible. The text must be visible and legible (remember, this is your message to the world, so you'll want to make sure people can read it!) How you want to set up the rest of the photo is up to you. Just be aware that this is public domain. Anyone can and will see these photos. Please, take this seriously :)

What do I write on my paper? Anything! Keep this question in mind: "What do you want to change about the world?" Are you pissed at the government? Plan to single-handedly eradicate racism? Legalize gay marriage? Want to get your message out there? Write it out!

So what if I write something really raw? I'm not here to censor your words. I'm not a filter. I'm just the collection box you toss your photo into.

Where can I see all the photos? I will be uploading them here. Spread the word!

Deadline? That's open-ended. Right now, there isn't one.

Why are you doing this? Because I'm a photographer and a writer. I come to greater understanding of the things and people around me through artistic vision. I think this project is a good way to be heard and connect us all to one another in a less conventional way.

Do you have some big master plan for all of these photos? Yes, if I get enough submissions. If I get enough photos, I'd love to make a really big photo mural and assemble it somewhere public. I either want to arrange it into the words "listen" or a big photo-collage in the shape of the project logo. Or maybe both.

Hmm, so why should I participate? Because it's simple to take a picture. It's simple to get your voice out there if we just work together. Be a part of something awesome!

PostSecret much? It might seem sort of similar - but that's not what I'm going for here. This won't be an ongoing website for people to constantly send in pictures. It's a project, meaning I plan to do something with all of these photos in the end. There is some uniform to the photos and much less anynomity in that I want to see faces put to their words. Seen and heard. Maybe it's a bit political too in that we need to make a lot of changes in our world. This is just another way of putting it all out there.

Ok, where do I send my photo? worldphotoproject@gmail.com Send your photo as an attachment. Please include your location (State [if US] or country). Or you can join the Flickr Group and post your photo in the pool.

Can I help promote? SURE YES OF COURSE! That would be a huge help. Print off some of these flyers, cut 'em up and put them anywhere! Or take the big flyer and paste it around your town. Click here for the mini flyers or print off the BIG flyer!

I have a question, but it's not on here. Shoot me an email at worldphotoproject@gmail.com.